athletic shoes

Finding the right pair of sneakers has never been easy and with the number of options available today, the decision is that much harder. Here are some tips to find the best pair for you.

Things To Consider

Analyzing Gait

You may want to emphasize shock absorption, or you may need a stabilizing/motion control shoe. Consider bringing a well-worn shoes with you when shopping next time to measure your gait.

Good Fit

A bad fit can cause fatigue, discomfort, and more, all of which are naturally detrimental to whatever you want to achieve with your athletic shoes.

Test Run

Make sure you try on any potential pair of athletic shoes, in order to make sure they meet your comfort requirements, and don’t settle for anything you are not completely confident in.

A Matter of Orthotics

Custom-made shoe inserts can be pricey, while also reducing your cushioning.

Picking The Right Type

Running Shoes

Traditional running shoes will give you extra cushioning, when compared to traditional walking shoes. Easy flexing is another trademark.


These all-purpose shoes are designed to consider several different athletic activities. While they can supplement your interest in multiple high-impact sports/activities, note that you won’t have the most ideal flexibility/cushioning.

Walking Shoes

These shoes are ideal for those who are interested in walking for fitness, or for those who need a casual pair of athletic shoes for normal walking.

Sport-Specific Shoes

Basketball shoes are a good example of sport-specific shoes, as the best athletic shoes for basketball tend to provide significant ankle support.

Features To Consider

The Uppers

You want something roomy with the toe box, which is the forward part of your upper.


If you plan to jog at night, reflectors on the shoes can be useful, but you may need supplemental reflectors, as well.


Combining style and comfort is nice, but the dressier walking shoes will sometimes suffer in the performance department.


Fabrics, plastics, or metal speed-lacing loops are ideal for tightening. Flat laces tend to avoid becoming loosened or untied, as opposed to the round ones.

Best Brands


Neutral and stability models are available starting from $55.


With prices ranging between $50 to $165 for running or walking shoes, online customization is available for both men and women.


Offers a number of neutral and stability models for men and women.


An iconic brand, offering running shoes for approximately $50 to $120, with walking shoes going for $50 to $90.

New Balance

Prices range from $55 to $140 for running shoes and $60 to $140 for walking shoes.