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Raise funds and awareness for your organization with DealAid. We offer non-profit organizations a free alternative to fundraising that helps support amazing causes through shopping. Search and claim your non-profit today:

Increase Impact & Fundraising

Automatically raise funds and increase exposure for your organization when users shop and save at over 5,000 popular online retailers.

Double Up On Amazon Smile

Raise an additional 0.5% when users shop and use our deals at Amazon Smile. This is stackable with Amazon’s 0.5% donation.

Receive Funds In Bitcoin

In addition to receiving funds raised in your local currency, we are giving non-profit organizations the option to receive funds in Bitcoin.

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How We Do It

Raise 6 times more than other shop & fundraise platforms.
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Join other 30,000+ nonprofit organizations.

Shoppers Use Our Coupons & Save

When a coupon code or deal is used by someone shopping with DealAid, we generate commission that is paid by one of our partnered merchants. The commission amount varies depending on the merchant but is typically 1-6%.

Users Pick Their Favorite Charity

Users select their favorite non-profit organization while looking for discounts at We track the selection and when commission is generated, we attribute up to 50% of the amount to the selected charity.

We Donate To Charities Selected By Users

We send out all funds raised for selected non-profit organizations at the end of the following month (net 30). Payments denominated in local currencies are sent out via PayPal while Bitcoin is sent directly to registered addresses.

What Users Are Saying

"My wife and I don't have a lot of disposable income but having the ability to donate to our favorite charities while shopping fulfilled our philanthropic aspirations."
Patrick Kirkson
"I am an avid animal lover and volunteer every Saturday at my local animal shelter but donating through DealAid has helped me scale my impact."
Amy Rusoe

Fundraising Is Free & Easy With DealAid

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Claim or register your organization at DealAid and start raising additional funds and exposure for your cause as users shop & save online.

Let Your Supporters Know

Choose among a suite of free marketing tools that let your supports know how they can fundraise at no extra cost for your organization.

Raise Awareness & Funds

Gain additional exposure and raise additional funds for your organization without investing into marketing or fundraising campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Every time shoppers use one of our coupons and checkout at their favorite online store we receive commission. The commission percentage varies from merchant to merchant but is typically between 1% and 6%. We donate up to 50% of all commission we earn to nonprofits as foundation of DealAid’s main mission.

Amazon, just like thousands of other merchants that we partnered with, offers commission on referred sales to or We donate 0.5% of every purchase to match and double the amount shoppers can raise for charities through Amazon Smile. Some restrictions do apply since not all products and services are commissionable. For a detailed breakdown of the product categories eligible for this program, please refer to Amazon’s commission schedule below:

Nonprofit organizations have the option of receiving funds in USD or Bitcoin. This option can be accessed through settings tab under your account and requires you to select the preferred payment method and corresponding address. At this time payments are disbursed via PayPal or directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

Payments our disbursed on net 30 basis of every month. This means that all funds raised for the current month will be disbursed at the end of the following month. For example, if you raised $100 through DealAid in March, the payment of $100 will be disbursed according to your preferred payment method on April 30th.

Payments our disbursed on net 30 basis of every month. This means that all funds raised for the current month will be disbursed at the end of the following month. For example, if you raised $100 through DealAid in March, the payment of $100 will be disbursed according to your preferred payment method on April 30th.

To claim your organization’s profile, user the search field at the top of this page and search for your charity:

Click on your organization in search results and follow further instructions to claim and confirm your registration.


Yes, organizations can benefit from featured placements and automatically appear to our website visitors as they try to find discounts at To be featured, please upload your logo to your profile and send us a message using this form for further details.


Organizations in the US must be registered as 501(c) or have tax exemption in UK, Canada & Australia based on their nonprofit structure.

Yes, nonprofit organizations from UK, Canada and Australia can register and raise funds for their causes. Restrictions do apply and organizations must be registered as nonprofits and be tax exempt in accordance to the laws and regulations of countries in which they operate.

No, DealAid is completely FREE and there are zero fees for nonprofit organizations and users. 

There are two ways in which we acquire organization data. First, users submit a request for us to add an organization to our platform and input organizational details on our website. Second, we use Charity Navigator’s API to expand our database of charitable causes and efforts available to our users.

A person who is actively employed or has ownership of the organization can act and register on the organization’s behalf. This person will have the ability to enter and alter organizational details such as payment preference, logo and other vital information.

The email used to claim the organizational account must match the corresponding organization’s website address. This is done to prevent fraud and ensure that members of the nonprofit organizations are actually registering and claiming their accounts. For example, if you work for Amazing Nonprofit ( the registered email used to claim the account must end with ‘’. 

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